Permanent Family Solutions Network

With a focus on the value of the family and its role in the well-being of children, specialists in the Permanent Family Solutions Network (PFSN) work to reduce tensions and strengthen bonds between family members who are referred to PFSN through Franklin County Children’s Services.


PFSN assists these families with concerns of abuse, neglect, dependency, unruly, or delinquent behaviors. PFSN is an innovative, one-of-a-kind child welfare program that strives to meet the needs of each family through case management, referrals to the myriad of Ranch programs, and if needed, referrals to other agencies. Fast access and collaboration between internal programs benefits the families served and assists in keeping families together.

Permanent Family Solutions Network realizes the most valuable resources for children are found within the family, neighborhood and community.  Therefore, child protection specialists work to alleviate problems, strengthen bonds and maintain families together whenever possible. If a child has to be separated from his/her family immediately, ongoing efforts are made to reunify the family as soon as possible.