In the News

In the News

LGBTQ+ youth are facing mental health challenge at a higher rate; campaign aims to show help is out there (Dr. Patricia Gentile and Rhonda Cumberbatch - June 10, 2021, 10TV)

Fighting through adversity to achieve academic success (Ricky McElroy, Program Supervisor My Place and Cierra Cowan, former foster child and 2021 Valedictorian Columbus Scioto - June 7, 2021, NBC4)

Faith, hard work help teen who aged out of foster care become valedictorian (Cierra, My Place resident and Scioto High School rep – June 1, 2021, Spectrum News)

Mental Health in the LGBTQ community (Dae Dae and Simon Sweet – May 12, 2021, NBC4) 

LGBTQ mental health (Dr. Gentile, Rhonda Cumberbatch – May 6, 2021, NBC4)

Initiative aims to start conversations about youth mental health in LGBTQ+ community (April 28, 2021, 10TV)

'I wish someone would have told me': Buckeye Ranch launches LGBTQ mental health campaign (April 27, 2021, online & May 2, print, The Columbus Dispatch)

I Wish Someone Would Have Told Me campaign (April 27, 2021, Ohio 24/7 Now (ABC 6/FOX 28))

LGBTQ Mental Health (May 6, 2021, NBC4)

Kinship Caregivers Get a Boost in Financial Support (Tina Boesch – March 24, 2021, Spectrum News)

Impact of Pandemic on Children’s Mental Health (Kam Twymon and The Buckeye Ranch client Kylie Envoy – March 10, 2021, 10TV)

Revised Foster Care Training Aims to Ease Burden on Families, Kids Waiting for a Home (Vickie Thompson-Sandy and foster parent Lisa Corcoran – February 23, 2021, Spectrum News)

More families needed for foster care during pandemic (Vickie Thompson-Sandy and The Buckeye Ranch supporter Mike Crane - January 14, 2021, ABC6)

Foster Families Overcome Learning Challenges During Pandemic (Tina Boesch and adoptive parent Trisha Welsch – January 6, 2021, Spectrum News)

'Kids need you': Couple adopts brothers after learning of Central Ohio children without a home for the holidays (Vickie Thompson-Sandy and adoptive parents Dave and Trisha Welsch – December 24, 2020, 10TV)

Better foster care starts with more good foster homes (Vickie Thompson-Sandy - December 13, 2020, Columbus Dispatch)

Bonner Academy at the Buckeye Ranch goes in-person full-time, saying some kids really need it (Interviews with Amy Gamber and Bonner Academies parent Michelle Brown - December 10, 2020, NBC4)

Experts see an increase in young people turning to substances during pandemic (The Buckeye Ranch client Caidyn Bearfield - October 12, 2020, 10TV)

Helping children with Mental Health – Experts focus on suicide prevention (Dr. Patricia Gentile and The Buckeye Ranch client Mary Pascal – September 17, 2020, NBC4)

Schools, parents meeting needs of students facing behavioral, mental challenges during pandemic (Interviews with Ann Woodford and Bonner Academies parent Michelle Brown - August 27, 2020, 10TV)

Psychiatrist: Virtual Learning Can Affect Mental Health (Interviews with Ann Woodford and Dr. Patricia Gentile - August 22, 2020, Spectrum News)

Housing Stability, Looming Evictions Among Major Concerns as Demand for Foster Care Grows (Interviews with Vickie Thompson-Sandy and foster parent Kate Yonkura - August 11, 2020, Spectrum News)

Suicidal Ideation Is Increasing During COVID-19: How Best to Cope (Interview with Dr. Patricia Gentile - August 4, 2020, Healthline)

Mental Health Issues Magnified By COVID-19 (Interview with Dr. Patricia Gentile - July 15, 2020, WOSU All Sides with Ann Fisher)

Buckeye Ranch helping teens who aged out of foster system just before pandemic hit (Interview with Kim Miller, Ricky Elroy and My Place resident Zahara Moody - April 29, 2020, NBC4)

Foster care extension welcome news for young adults (Interview with Kim Miller - April 26, 2020, NBC4)

'A sigh of relief:' Advocates applaud Ohio's governor for providing safety net for those aging out of foster care (Interview with Kim Miller - April 25, 2020, 10TV)

Foster Care And Child Welfare During Coronavirus (Interview with Ann Woodford and foster parent Kate Yonkura - April 22, 2020, WOSU All Sides with Ann Fisher)

One Central Ohio foster care center sees spike during COVID-19 crisis (Interview with Ann Woodford - April 15, 2020, 10TV)

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Crane Family Invests in Future of The Buckeye Ranch Foster Care (August 5, 2020)


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