Our New Look

Our New Look

Q & A with Nicholas Rees, president and CEO of The Buckeye Ranch

The Buckeye Ranch recently experienced a rebranding effort and we asked Nicholas Rees, president & CEO of The Buckeye Ranch, to talk about what the new logo, tagline and website mean for the organization.

How has The Buckeye Ranch changed in the past 10 years?

We have seen dramatic changes over the past ten years. The children coming into our care are experiencing much more difficult issues at earlier ages. Many of our competitors have closed and we have been forced to grow our services. Our business has more than doubled. 

Annually, we provide care for more than 4,400 children and their families with a staff of 500 people and an annual budget that is now more than $41,000,000. All of this growth has happened at the same time that Medicaid reimbursement rates have been frozen, making it extremely difficult to manage our business.

What do the new logo and tagline mean for the organization?

I meet a lot of people who have heard of The Buckeye Ranch, but most do not know what we do. Because of the stigma associated with mental health, our clients and their families rarely talk about the wonderful care they receive from The Ranch, so we don’t have many ambassadors.

We decided it was time to tell our story. We need financial help and feel that once people better understand our work, they will be more willing to help us. The new logo depicts our crop – Hope, growing at The Ranch. Kind of clever don’t you think?

What do you want people to understand about The Buckeye Ranch; how will this rebranding effort help achieve that?

Based on statistics, everyone knows a child who could probably benefit from The Buckeye Ranch services. The child is probably struggling at school, in their community and at home, or has a mental health issue that has not been diagnosed. He or she may be self-medicating with alcohol or drugs or have been the victim of abuse or neglect.  The child just doesn’t seem to be doing well and no one seems to understand what is going on. 

We believe that we can be a great resource for these children and we believe that they can overcome their issues and find success. We want this community to know that they have a resource and it is The Buckeye Ranch.