Service Board

The Buckeye Ranch would like to thank the ongoing support and commitment of the Service Board.

The Buckeye Ranch was founded by a group of women who, after searching for the community's greatest need, banded together to dedicate their time and resources to the at-risk youth of Franklin County. Today, the tradition continues with The Buckeye Ranch Service Board. Members serve as ambassadors to provide additional funds and critical support to The Ranch.

The Buckeye Ranch Service Board Legacy

In 1961, The Ranch's Women's Service Board raised funds to purchase land in Grove City and built the first residential cottage, Argo House. After hiring Executive Director Dr. Les Bostic, The Ranch welcomed the first group of ten boys to live at The Ranch. As the years passed, additional living quarters were added to accommodate a growing population of youth.

To raise much-needed funds, Dr. Bostic and the Service Board developed the Buckeye Tennis Classic, an annual tennis tournament that brought thousands of people to The Ranch's campus through the 1970s and 1980s. The tournament featured some of the greatest players of all time, including Arthur Ashe and Jimmy Connors.

In the early 1990s, the organization was further developed as the Intensive Care Center was built to treat both boys and girls with severe emotional and mental health needs. In 1994, The Ranch changed its name from The Buckeye Boys Ranch to The Buckeye Ranch to reflect the addition of girls.

The Changing Face of the Service Board

Bylaw revisions have made it possible to open Service Board membership to anyone who would like to support The Buckeye Ranch.  With more than 100 active members, the Service Board continues to be an inclusive organization, always seeking new members. Anyone interested in joining the Board may contact Several luncheons are planned each year, allowing members to remain informed of all Ranch activities.