Strengths-Based, Family-Centered, Trauma-Informed

The Buckeye Ranch is committed to providing high-quality care utilizing the most up-to-date scientific knowledge to address the challenges faced by the children, youth, and families we serve.

We take a strengths-based approach with every child, youth, and family. This means we firmly believe all children and families have strengths and those strengths can be accessed to help our families reach their fullest potential. We also recognize families are fundamental in the lives of children and are central to the outreach and treatment programs we provide. We value the role of the family in a child’s development and build working partnerships with caregivers to create lasting change.

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Residential Services infographic

Residential Services infographic

We are aware that a significant number of the youth we serve have experienced early childhood adversities and trauma. That's why The Buckeye Ranch uses cutting-edge neuroscience to assess and treat. Current research clearly demonstrates the impact of trauma on brain development and these emotional and behavioral responses are evident in many of our youth. Through our relationships with universities and research centers, we actively seek the most current research-based treatment approaches in our relentless commitment to providing the best possible care to children and families.

The Buckeye Ranch's own Dr. Pam Scott has written articles addressing issues affecting the children and families in our community. Read more here at Dr. Scott's Corner.