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Our History

60+ Years of Hope for Young People

The Buckeye Ranch was founded in the early 1960s to offer help to a handful of young men in need. Since then, it has grown to serve thousands of children and families throughout Ohio.

The Genesis of Buckeye Ranch

In the mid-1950s, Central Ohio was blessed to have an organization known as the Women’s Juvenile Service Board, which later became The Buckeye Ranch Service Board. The caring and devoted women on this Board made it their mission to promote and support causes that ultimately strengthened the youth of this community. In 1961, after conducting considerable research, these women opened what was then called The Buckeye Boys Ranch, now known as The Buckeye Ranch.

Growing with the Community

The Buckeye Ranch opened as a treatment center for 10 young men and has now transitioned into one of the country’s leading providers of emotional, behavioral, and mental health services for children, youth, and families. Every year, more than 6,000 children, youth, and families are in Ranch care, receiving services designed to help them become successful within their schools and communities.

Where We Are Now

Today, The Buckeye Ranch operates from six different locations to better serve clients across Ohio. We pride ourselves on offering specialized programming designed to meet the needs of our clients and their families. Our staff of dedicated Ranch professionals is committed to helping each youth and family achieve their goals.

Since the beginning, The Buckeye Ranch’s mission has been restoring hope and providing healing for children, youth, and families.

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