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Foster Parent Benefits

Reimbursement for Foster Care Expenses

Foster parents are reimbursed to cover expenses related to caring for a child in their home. This is a tax-free reimbursement paid directly to the foster parent via direct deposit one time a month, called per diem. In addition to the monthly payment, The Buckeye Ranch offers other reimbursements and incentives.

Additional Options for Reimbursement

Other reimbursable items and incentives include the below. This is not an all-inclusive list; some additions and exceptions may apply.

  • We will reimburse mileage (at agency calculated rate) when you drive your foster child to any of their activities or appointments.
  • We will pay $15.00 per round trip to you for transporting to family visits (plus mileage).

Your daily payment, in part, goes to pay for clothing for the child. In addition to this, we offer you:

  • $125.00 per child, per quarter for children ages 0-11
  • $160.00 per child, per quarter for children ages 12 and up
Robust agency capabilities with a personalized team

We pride ourselves on providing excellent service to our foster families. We are a small team with access to large agency resources, which allows us to create a very unique experience for families that is both personalized and supportive. Our set up allows us to provide an elevated level of customer service to those we serve, as our team truly gets to know families. In addition, we’re also able to provide families with true community, with access to donations, connections, and events.

More Benefits

We also offer a training program and bonus incentives. Foster parents are eligible to receive incentives for completing trainings in a timely manner. In addition, we offer incentives for referring and nurturing new foster families.

events to connect, family-oriented occasions, holiday financial assistance, and complimentary resources

Because of our history in the community, we have relationships with a number of donors, foster care agencies, and community members to offer goods and services to support your child. From Back-to-School events and resources to Winter holiday festivities, we want every child to have all they need!

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