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The Approach We Take to Our Clinical Services

At The Buckeye Ranch, we’re always working on our approach to the children, youth, and families we serve, utilizing tested therapies and methods of interacting with patients to effect the best possible outcomes and bring hope to families.

Our Purpose

For decades, The Buckeye Ranch has been restoring hope and providing healing for children, youth, and families in Central Ohio. Our continuum of care addresses every stage and aspect of what children may be experiencing after traumas caused by mental illness, abuse, or neglect. With help from The Buckeye Ranch, they’re empowered to overcome obstacles, tap into their resilience, and move forward toward healthy, fulfilling lives.

Our Care Principles DEI Declaration

Our Practice

Through residential, community-based day treatment options; foster care; child welfare services; and youth and family counseling services, our experts use evidence-based, culturally sensitive treatment that puts each family and their strengths at the core. We also call on our community partners to assist with other services, so every child, youth, and family receives comprehensive, coordinated therapies, education, and resources that enable them to heal.

Our Treatment Approaches

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