Foster Parent Benefits

Foster Parent Benefits

Foster parents are reimbursed to cover expenses related to caring for a child in their home. This is a tax-free reimbursement paid directly to the foster parent via direct deposit one time a month.

In addition to the monthly payment, The Buckeye Ranch offers other reimbursements and incentives.

Other reimbursable items and incentives (this is not an all-inclusive list, some additions & exceptions may apply):


  • We will reimburse mileage (at agency calculated rate) for medical visits, counseling, and family visits where you drive the child.
  • We will pay $15.00 per round trip for transporting to family visits (plus mileage).

Your daily payment in part goes to pay for clothing for the child, but in addition to this, we offer you:

  • $125.00/ per child per quarter for children 0-11
  • $160.00/ per child per quarter for children 12 and up

Camp Fees

We will pay for 1/3 of the child's Camp Fees (one week camp).

Allowance for Foster Children

(Ages 0-4=$.50 per day; Ages 5 and up= $1.00 per day). Each child also gets an allowance. We pay it to you and you pay it to the child. 

We also offer Training Program/Bonus Incentives—foster parents are eligible to receive incentives for completing trainings in a timely manner.