Day Treatment

Day Treatment

The Bonner Academy at Cross Creek

The Bonner Academy at Cross Creek integrates education and intensive mental health treatment for middle and high school students with behavioral/psychological disorders and their families, to reduce barriers to learning and education.

The Bonner Academy at Cross Creek provides the foundation for students to learn and manage their symptoms and behaviors, focus and concentrate, and demonstrate the acquisition of new information. Students will increase their attendance, reading, and math skills, as well as participation while attending Cross Creek. The program is equipped to deal with crises by providing 24-hour crisis services and in-home counseling to support the students and reduce further academic barriers. Students can receive transition services as they return to their home school district so that they maintain their newly acquired skills.

The summer program bridges learning and therapeutic gains from one academic year to the next with recreation, outdoor adventures, and continued therapies.

The Bonner Academy at Rosemont

The Bonner Academy at Rosemont, a non-public charter school, provides integrated mental health and educational programming for elementary school students with serious behavioral/psychological disorders that affect their ability to function in their assigned public school, home setting, and community. Students attend a six-hour program day with instruction provided in group and individualized formats. Individual, group, and family therapy are also provided throughout the school day.  Due to the high acuity of student behaviors, we provide 24-hour crisis services to support families and youth in managing mental health symptoms and behaviors.

The therapeutically supportive program focuses on both behavioral and academic goals, building upon the students’ existing strengths. To reduce barriers to academic learning, students learn to manage symptoms and increase their level of functioning and stability so that they may return to their home school district. Transition planning with home schools is key to future success.

Educational Activities

As a private, non-public charter school, Rosemont’s educational curriculum meets the Ohio Department of Education standards. The program maintains a 1:12 teacher-to-student ratio. Each student has an educational plan that identifies areas that require remediation, as well as areas of competence. Upon admission, testing establishes baseline data on basic competency in the areas of math, spelling, and reading (post-testing occurs at discharge). The educational staff maintains contact with each student’s home district. For youth needing to recover credits or those with specific educational needs that cannot be met through typical instruction, students use a computer-based program called PLATO. Title 1 tutoring is offered to youth who are enrolled from the Columbus City School District.


Regular individual counseling, as well as crisis counseling, are provided when behavioral incidents occur. Group interventions, such as adventure therapy, and therapeutic recreation are provided for social skill development, anger management, and alcohol/drug issues.