Transitional Age Programming

Transitional Age Programming

The My Place Transitional Age Program is designed to help young adults who are ready to transition from care, group housing, and/or foster care, but are not ready to live completely on their own. This program provides services to both males and females, ages 16 - 21 years old. One of the unique components of My Place is the placement of young adult parents along with their children. 

The young adults in the program reside in 1 of 15 fully furnished, one-bedroom apartments. The program is located on the East side of Columbus in a community that allows easy access to public transportation. The My Place property is a secured apartment building with staff present 24/7. The outside perimeter of the building is monitored by surveillance cameras to provide a safe and secure environment for residents.

My Place seating area with window My Place seating area with bookshelf

The Buckeye Ranch is committed to providing transitional living services to help these young adults move successfully into adulthood. They receive case management services through our experienced staff, including an onsite team leader and staffing 24/7. The areas of need for each young adult in the program will be assessed individually through discussion with the young adult, as well as a review of the Ansell Casey Assessment and other independent living assessments completed upon admission. The My Place staff will assist the young adult with various skills, including but not limited to: budgeting, nutrition, employment, and education.

My Place will accept referrals from Franklin County Children Services, managed care entities, and other county Children Service agencies. Through the intake process, each young adult will have a personalized Treatment Plan tailored to meet his or her specific needs. For more information or to ask about a possible referral please contact us at (614) 252-4749.