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My Place

About My Place

My Place is a program, not just a placement, with a goal to provide young adults ages 16-21 who are transitioning from foster care a stable place to learn advanced life skills and grow into the adults they were meant to be in their communities.

The program provides 15 fully furnished, one-bedroom apartments where young adults who are not yet ready to live completely on their own reside.

The My Place property is a secured apartment building with staff present 24/7 to support residents. The outside perimeter of the building is monitored by surveillance cameras to provide a safe and secure environment for residents. The program is located on the east side of Columbus in a community that allows easy access to public transportation. Another unique component of My Place is that residents that are parents can be placed along with their children.

How My Place Helps

Transitioning from state care, group housing, or foster care can be incredibly challenging for youth. All too often, these youth may be deemed as ‘adults’ aging out of care, but they are not yet ready to successfully live on their own without added support.

A support system built through a program like My Place is instrumental in setting them up for long-term success in life. Without a support system, many youth aging out of care are at a higher likelihood of experiencing:

  • Poor academic performance / limited access to higher education
  • High unemployment/financial instability
  • Likely to be involved in criminal justice system
  • Lack access to healthcare and mental health services
  • Increase in substance use
  • Increase in early pregnancy
  • Housing instability
  • Limited natural supports/positive people in their lives
youth served in 2023
high school graduates in 2023
college enrollees in 2023

My Place Support

  1. Family support and healthy marriage education

  2. Health education and risk prevention

  3. Housing education and home management

  4. Mentoring

  5. Academic support

  6. Budget and financial management

  7. Career preparation

  8. Post-secondary educational support

  9. Employment programs or vocational training


“Coming to My Place was the best thing I could’ve done … The staff took the time to help me learn that I could trust adults for the first time and allowed me to be independent. When it came time to leave, I knew I’d always have that support. I don’t have parents to lean on, so when I’m in trouble or need advice, I call the My Place staff. It finally feels like someone is on my side.”

Daija'Ne's Story

Questions about My Place?

If you know a youth who may benefit from The Buckeye Ranch’s My Place program and would like to learn more about how to make a referral to each program:

Call: 614-875-2371, press 6

Email: with the subject line “My Place Inquiry”